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Mayshad Choice is a New York based company that empowers women on daily basis. We produce and moderate a series of "rendezvous" for smart and generous women to connect, share and support each other. Paired with our women’s networking platform, we offer a trusted ecosystem to our members with continuous personal and professional development opportunities.


Digital Events

Aug 10, Monday
Speak Your Mind
Aug 12, Wednesday
Kundalini Yoga
Aug 13, Thursday
Women & Money


Aug 12, Wednesday
Kundalini Yoga
Aug 19, Wednesday
Kundalini Yoga
Aug 26, Wednesday
Kundalini Yoga


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Our signature, inclusive networking and panel event covers today’s most conversational topics.

Mayshad Salon

Discuss women’s leadership with like-minded individuals in an elegant setting.

Mayshad Wellness

Incorporates powerful practices of self-care to elevate personal and professional development.

Mayshad Women In The City

An opportunity to laugh, cheers, and discuss success and challenges with women who relate.

Mayshad Presents

Sponsored, women-focused events with our most elite and trusted corporate brand partners.

Mayshad Retreats

Embark on a transformational journey locally and abroad with an itinerary that allows Houston explore the world and discover yourself.


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