Manifesting As A Leader

Together We Will. We Must.

In these times of uncertainty and as old paradigms shift and some are dismantled, what is required of us personally and professionally can be overwhelming. We’re not accustomed to not having answers, not knowing what to do, not knowing how to “fix.” And so we feel vulnerable, confused, and scared. Yet like any challenge, it has the potential to make us stronger, wiser, more resilient. We believe these times offer us the opportunity to redefine leadership.

What You’ll Learn

  • Create your life versus outer events controlling your life
  • Eliminate noise and form a laser focus to optimize productivity
  • Enhance communication with self, family, friends and colleagues- now more than ever.
  • Begin shifting stress and mood; end with transforming your perception and disposition
  • Connect to your inner GPS, creativity, intuition
  • Move from competition to collaboration
  • Infuse life into your dreams so they become reality, like an alchemist!
  • Build a strong, solid foundation, creating sustainable, long lasting change
  • An easy step by step approach – 3  30-day levels – to go incrementally deeper
  • There are limited spaces available for more personal attention.

About Our Expert & Author

Michele Risa, is CEO & Founder, Collaborative Solutions, Inc. working with thought leaders and influencers to help them identify their deepest aspirations. She is also President of Only The Source, an experiential platform designed to awaken humanity through public events, online curricula, film and virtual reality content. Michele was formerly President, Manhattan Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She is Director of Planning and Development, for Conversations New York, the foremost program of free public community-based conversations. She is an award-winning co-author of “Conscious Entrepreneurs: A Radical New Approach to Purpose, Passion & Profit.” Michele has been a TV producer since 1998.

Guest Faculty

Steve LeFebvre
Breathwork, Spiritual Guide, Coach and Mentor, Certified Conscious Business Change Agent
Anne Keay
Energy Healer, Corporate & Executive Coach, Certified Conscious Business Change Agent
Glendy Yeung
Certified Sound Healer, Multidisciplinary Energy Coach, Spiritual Mentor
Luisa Rasiej
Spiritual Counselor, Mentor, Soul-Psychotherapist
Daniel Aaron
Author, Coach, Investor
Amor Luz Pangilinan
Certified Conscious Business Change Agent, Transformational Technology

Who Will Benefit?

CEOs who seek to develop a common language with their team for a seamless workflow.

Entrepreneurs ready to shift from “there isn’t enough time” to creating a ton of high quality work.

New & Inspiring Leaders who know you’re the creator of your life and ready to BE and DO that.


Dive deeper into the 3 Pillars of Leadership

Pillar #1

Know Thyself

Takeaway #1

Stay connected and anchored to the Truth of who you are

Exercise #1

Meditations and Breath Techniques

Pillar #2

Laboratory of Life

Takeaway #2

Balance IQ with EQ to transition from reactive to proactive, and optimally respond with resilience and adaptability

Exercise #2

Behavioral Optimization Techniques

Pillar #3

The Art of Manifestation

Takeaway #3

Use ancient traditions that “withstand the test of time” and the latest sciences to forge your path with conviction, intuition and vision to your inherent destiny

Exercise #3

Epigenetics, neuro-plasticity and connecting to infinite potentials

Every week you receive a comprehensive workbook, weekly materials and accountability tracking forms to ensure you succeed.

Plus, these weekly communications demonstrate Michele’s commitment to you and provide on-going access to her for support, problem-solving and guidance.


As humans we naturally crave human contact and are struggling with the stress of isolation. Our antidote is an interactive virtual workshop. This unique lecture-practice-discussion format also ensures deeper comprehension, better recall, and a higher retention rate of learning that provides both immediate and lasting results.

Benefits You Will Experience

Create your life versus allowing outer events to control your life. Know yourself like never before and connect to your inner GPS. It’s self-empowerment, it’s freedom.

Build a solid foundation, creating sustainable change that enhances your quality of life and brings you from where you are to where you are meant to be.

Shift stress and mood consistently so they are no longer interrupters of your life. Rather you become an alchemist, “magically” infusing life into your dreams so they become reality!

Enhance communication with self, family, friends and colleagues- now more than ever.

Eliminate distraction and form a laser focus to optimize productivity using our special formula.

Invest in yourself and your company!

Pick Your Path

Program: 11/4/20 – 1/27/21
Live Workshops: 11/4/20, 12/2/20, and 1/6/21
Workshop Time: 3PM EST


  • 3 Monthly LIVE Virtual Workshops– broadening as well as deepening your connection to the material
  • Discussion Groups to garner diverse perspectives as well as expand your community
  • 3 Monthly 30-Day Challenges– challenging your brain and heart to s-t-r-e-t-c-h into a space without limits, so you experience true freedom and increase your life’s ROI
  • Personalized Meditation to break through your specific blocks or challenges
  • LIVE Music and multi-media features
  • Weekly Accountability Reports and Buddy Support to stay on track
  • 1-on-1 Executive Coaching Session at completion
  • “Manifesting As A Leader” Certification, having mastered the art of manifesting your vision

Special! Purchase the 90-DAY PROGRAM

Program: 12/2/20 – 1/27/21
Live Workshops: 12/2/20 and 1/6/21
Workshop Time: 3PM EST


  • 2 Monthly LIVE Virtual Workshops – increasing both the material covered and adding weekly practices, highly interactive for a deeper experience
  • Includes Highly Interactive Exercises for a deeper experience
  • LIVE Music and multi-media features
  • 2 Monthly 30-Day Challenges – rewiring your brain day after day like nothing else can. Results Achievements that increase your life’s ROI
  • PLUS, many benefits of the 90-Day Program


Program: 11/4/20 – 12/1/20
Live Workshop: 11/4/20
Workshop Time: 3PM EST


  • 2-Hour LIVE Virtual Workshop, highly interactive for a deeper experience
  • Discussion Groups to acquire diverse perspectives and enhance communication skills
  • 30-Day Challenge to replace old sabotaging habits with new supportive behavior that evolves into achievements which increase your life’s ROI
  • For your convenience, a Learn-At-Your-Own-Pace Program
  • LIVE Music and multi-media features
  • PLUS, many benefits of the 90-Day Program


Live Workshops: 11/11/20, 12/9/20, and 1/13/21
Workshop Time: 3PM EST


  • 90-Day Health Program Monthly where you experience time-tested alternative and energetic approaches to deeply heal the physical, emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual levels within you
  • Experience 3 LIVE Health Sessions, one each month, along with materials that provide support and guidance during the next 30, 60 and 90 days, for you to continue to nourish, revitalize and transform
  • Work with healers who each have decades of experience and success with personal and professional objectives
  • Tap into the stronger, wiser and more resilient you while you weave the divine feminine qualities of nurturing, compassion and self love
  • Benefit from direct access to your intuition
  • Alongside our leadership program, this parallel track takes you to a deeper level of awareness to cultivate the necessary inner skills that can translate into an extraordinary outer life not thought possible

Special! Purchase the 90-DAY PROGRAM

Maggie Sirunyan

Imagine having poor eyesight and finally getting your prescription glasses to see your and the world’s full potential. That’s what Michele Risa has done for me.

Maggie Sirunyan

New York, NY
Laura Fox

The work we do together is hard, but my life is worth it! Learning how to be my authentic self and having the confidence to live in that reality has brought me less anxiety, less fear, and so much joy, peace and love in my heart.

Laura Fox

North Carolina
Annie Lewallen

Michele has helped me connect to my true, authentic self. She has given me the language, tools and mindset to create my future. Because of Michele, I have learned to heal, have self-compassion, and removed blocks that prevented more meaningful connections. Her teachings and insight have led me to make critical decisions, both personal and professional, that have effectively changed the course of my life for the better.

Annie Lewallen

YSC Consulting, New York
Davis Rosborough

I am forever indebted to Michele, a woman of remarkable patience, who over the last two years has armed me with an essential tool chest that I reach for throughout my day.

Davis Rosborough

Chief of Staff, Amobee
Victoria Stewart

Michele is a wonderful combination of wise guide and heart centered coach who is passionate about helping people break out of the ordinary into a fully authentic life. Her workshops are informative, inspirational and thoughtfully designed to support you in achieving your life vision.

Victoria Stewart

Toronto, Canada
Catherine Butler

It’s not often as business leaders that our expectations are exceeded! Working with Michele 1:1 has been truly transformative. I was so inspired with the real change I experienced, that I invited our senior management team to join me on her 90-Day Leadership Program, taking us from Theory to Practice to Mastery and thus creating a shared experience and a common language helping us grow stronger together, on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Michele and her work, and already have.

Catherine Butler

Founder and MD of At the Chapel

Earn your certificate by enrolling in the 90-Day Program